SRW Knights

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Welcome to SRW Knights!

At SRW Knights, we offer excellent opportunities for young basketball players to improve their skills, sense of sportsmanship, and leadership potential. Our club also plays in the best competitions so our players can hone their talents even further. All children in Tyler, Texas and its surrounding areas are welcome to our team, including those who come from low-income families and neighborhoods.

Our Club’s Priorities:

  • God
  • Family

  • School
  • Knights

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of SRW Knights is to create a youth sport program in the East Texas area. With more than 11 years of experience, our team is able to increase sport participation rates and promote the healthy development of our youth community. We are about what we D.E.W.—Develop. Educate. Win!

Our Beliefs

Our coaches believe that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. In addition, we must cultivate each of their unique characteristics in a secure and caring place where learning is authentic to them. This allows for growth to not only come intellectually but emotionally, physically, and socially as well.

Each player’s individual uniqueness makes for a team overflowing with diversity. That is why our mission is to develop and educate each player in areas targeting basketball techniques, sportsmanship, and leadership. By focusing on these areas, our players are guaranteed to win not only in basketball but also in life.