SRW Knights

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How Our Club Name Came About

Over the years, many of our players at SRW Knights in Tyler, Texas as well as their parents have asked us about where our club name came from. It actually came from a person who is very near and dear to our Founder, President, and Head Coach, Ricky Williams.

No Ordinary Name

In his third year of coaching a youth basketball team, he thought of various names for his players. However, Coach Williams knew that it should not be just some ordinary name. It had to be something that was fierce, special, and original. Eventually, he came up with the Knights. Still, he felt that something was missing. That time marked Coach William’s first year not having his beloved mother in life.

A Special Inspiration

Sheronda Renee Williams, whose initials spell SRW, was Coach Williams’ knight in shining armor. His mom taught for more than 25 years and enjoyed mentoring, teaching, and loving all of her students. She also raised Coach Williams, which may have been a small battle too. In April 2012, she faced her own battle with pancreatic cancer, but unfortunately, it took her life.

True Knights of the Basketball Court

SRW Knights are brave, tough, and strong. All of these words describe a fighter – someone who does not give up easily. Knights fight until the end and even through the toughest of battles.

Some might say the name SRW Knights would benefit a sports team. Some may even go as far as name a basketball team the Knights. Well, the SRW Knights name carries with it the bravest name for our head coach – his mom’s.